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Development. Growth. Longevity.

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Why us

At The Blackford Group, we believe that a culture built on open communication, collaboration, and respect is essential for success. By placing a strong emphasis on emotional well-being, we encourage happy employees, motivated teams, putting forth their best work. Through ongoing efforts to assess, support, and enhance organizational environments, we help create a positive and harmonious workplace where everyone can grow and succeed. This approach not only boosts productivity and satisfaction but also paves the way for long-term success and fulfillment for both individuals and organizations collectively.

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We aim to help clients unlock their potential by identifying their abilities and purpose, fostering development, growth, and talent within the organization.


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To create a thriving organization, The Blackford Group uses organizational development elements to expand outreach, build connections, develop leaders, and overcome obstacles for organizational success.



To achieve longevity, teams need effective decision-making, communication, and strategic planning. The Blackford Group offers consulting and coaching to enhance these skills, fostering strong leadership that overcomes obstacles, drives growth, and adapts to market shifts.


Ta’Kesha Young

Business Psychologist

Founder and Business Psychologist with more than 15 years of leadership experience. Proficient at empowering individuals, promoting innovation, and cultivating positive work atmospheres. Inspired by years of working alongside individuals and organizations that sought the betterment of people, Ta'Kesha set out to use her passions to inspire others in their organizations. She specializes in comprehending human behavior in work settings and executing effective strategies; she uses a customized approach to each client. Prioritizes collaboration, communication, and ongoing learning as resources for clients to enhance growth and influence their organizations significantly.

With a keen understanding of human behavior in professional environments, Ta'Kesha strives to foster a workplace culture that values collaboration, communication, and continuous learning. By empowering individuals and encouraging innovation, she aims to create a positive and productive atmosphere where every team member can thrive. Through years of leadership experiences, she has developed her skills in effective agencies strategically driven to make a meaningful impact on organizations and leadership. Committed to promoting a supportive and inclusive work environment is the core of The Blackford Group and Ta'Kesha's approach.

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Culture Development

Prioritize creating healthy work environments.

  • Culture Assessment and Recommendation
  • Identify Leaderships’ Impact on Culture
  • Employee Motivation Training

Leadership Coaching

Services tailored for individuals and small teams.

  • Individual Leadership Coaching
  • Group Leadership Coaching
  • Fundamentals of Leadership Training

Community Engagement

Establishing relationships between community organizations and small businesses through networking.

  • Networking
  • Host Events
  • Sponsorship
  • Public Education

Our Clients

"Best decision I’ve made yet! Choosing Blackford Consulting has helped me thrive in my business as an upcoming Death Doula. Thank You."

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"Blackford Consulting helped streamline our communications enabling us to reach more customers. We were able to see a return within 30 days of implementing changes."

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